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Dr. Eric Nazarenko, DC • Dr. Andrea Nazarenko, PhD

Treehouse Living in Lexington, SC Balance is a Movement Designed for Like-Minded Parents Focused on Natural Living and Empowered Parenting

Treehouse Living

Treehouse Living in Lexington, SC: Remember that feeling of playing in a tree house as a kid? You were able to play fully.  No cares. No worries. No judgement.  You laughed. You played. You followed your inner voice. You felt free. Now… Imagine if you felt that FREEDOM and JOY as a parent.

What is Treehouse Living?

Treehouse Living is a movement of moms, dads and communities who are ready to (re-)experience the joys of parenting. It is:

A place to learn to REIGNITE that Inner Voice.
A place to find mama’s (or papa’s) INTUITION.
A place to find FREEDOM as a parent.

Our world is complex and knowing how to raise children the “right way” can be hard. Parents search for the answers of “how to” parent. But, with so much conflicting information, this search often leaves parents feeling sub-par and judged.

Why? Because the “how to”, “do this, not that” approach to parenting is not designed for parents to feel successful. It’s a one-size-fits-all rule book. Our kids are not one size fits all. Our world is not one size fits all.

The “how to” approach is about knowing a solution for every situation and simply plugging it in to your complicated and unique life.

Isn’t this exhausting? What if there was a different way?

There is.

Treehouse Living with Dr. Eric Nazarenko

Unleash mama’s/papa’s INTUITION.
Reignite that FREEDOM of childhood. It’s part of you. It’s still there.

Treehouse Living is a movement of parents who are tired of being told how to parent and who are ready to go back to the basics. Parents who want to think for themselves and learn the skills to make the best decisions for their family… without a one size fits all rule book.  In our Treehouse, we HONOR and LISTEN to the Inner Voice.

Treehouse Living is a place for parental empowerment. It’s about the process of parenting.  This is a place of education, support, and non-judgement. Leave the external rule books behind and unleash your Intuition. Treehouse Living is a place to learn, to grow and to have FUN in the process.

We are community of parents who are empowered to take wellness in our own hands.

Tap into your Inner Voice.
Be Empowered.
Let go of the judgement.
Know Yourself. Be Yourself.

Be Free.

Join us in raising happy, healthy children.

Parenting is serious stuff… but shouldn’t it also be FUN?

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